photo: Janno Bergmann (detail)

Strange gift
(part of nomadic show)


The insidious act with the greek´s gift to the trojans lingers in our memory. The shape of a horse, brooding its content, on its way in through the walls.

So I built a Trojan horse in Shiryaevo.
In Shiryaevo I allso found the walls of Troy.
The walls with names of the western artworld scattered over its surface. Leftovers from a performance 2007 serving as sitespecific readymade.

The meeting was set.

When strangers meet or when a stranger occours in your own territory there will be exchange of unsecure words and sometimes gifts.Values lost in translation are replaced by new breeds of interpretation.Visual representation contains other (mis-) interpretations. Enigmatic values may enrich the problematic misunderstandings between the strangers.

The concrete appearance of a cardboard trojan horse attempts to bring about the joyfull sensation of a moment of bald sensual presence doing its job, representing.

photo: Janno Bergmann (detail)


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photo: Janno Bergmann (detail)
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