7:th Shiryaevobiennale, Samara, Russia.
photo: Janno Bergmann (detail)
The Shiryaevo biennale consists of several parts. I was involved in the main event "international creative laboratory," a work in progress and a workshop where artists during 10 days to two weeeks worked together in dialogue.This part is done in a traditional Russian village on a peninsula on the Volga River, a few hours by boat from Samara. We lived during that time inherent in Russian families. The workshop concludes with a public tour 21 August -"Nomadic Show"- where all the artists are involved and together with the visitors go from work to work - a combined discussion, celebration and performance about everything from art to society. The idea is that artists should share experiences with each other and build cultural bridges. Kalmar Art Museum has helped to put together the Swedish contribution allso featuring former student of mine at Öland Art School 2010 ,Greta Weibull, now a student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, Artists Kalle Brolin, Klas Eriksson, Ingela Ihrman and Kristina Müntzing. In addition to the Swedish artists there was allso participants from Russia, Germany, Estonia, France and Kazakhstan.
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